5 golden steps to contact small businesses via e-mail

By Kevin Kottek

Let’s face it! There are so many ways to contact small businesses and create valuable B2B partnerships. But which one does work for you?

In the following, we explain to you 5 easy steps of how to use E-Mail Marketing in a successful way to contact small businesses.

1. Create a customer target group

Well, creating a list of E-Mails and send them outbound is for sure not the worst idea, to begin with. The only thing you need to consider is to collect the right E-Mails because nobody wants to receive an E-Mail from a web designer when they are having a stunning website or on the other hand, they don’t need an exclusive website as their business is completely social media-based.

We suggest defining your customer target group first. Maybe you can additionally say in which industry they are acting, or you can already name the size of the company, the location also might be a good indicator to narrow it down a bit. Important could be to see if they have some current job postings going on at the moment as this could mean they are growing or at least they are in need to acquire external services. These are just a few tips but based on your product and the unique value you can then be sure to choose the correct businesses to get in contact with indeed.

2. Collect the E-Mail addresses from the websites

Honestly spoken, this part can be quite fun and will decide for at least 40% of your outbound E-Mail campaign if they will be a success or a failure. Again you need to go through any single webpage, social media channel, and google presence to find out the most about the business you can get.

If you found something that could be approved or you think this is the right business I can add value to then go to the contact page or the imprint and collect the e-mail. You want to create an Excel or a Google Sheet where you note the Name, Email, and reason to contact the business. This will help you, later on, to distinguish and personalize your email to the specific task or service you want to offer.

3. Imagine you are the receiver

Now you’re becoming creative. You want to use a tool like Mailchimp or Hubspot for that. Write templates for every service you offer that is short but powerful text and would be inspiring yourself to answer on your outbound email. Here you can customize and put some logos and pictures but be gentle with the extras because it is not a newsletter, it is a B2B contact request! Be honest, mention your name or at least why you write in the name of your organization. The person behind needs to know you are not a scam and don’t try to trick. Our rule: ANY FEEDBACK IS BETTER THAN NO FEEDBACK

4. Send the E-Mails and wait at least 3 days for a response

Nobody wants to get overrun by collaboration requests. Even answering e-mails sometimes requires some time to think. If the company has received your proposal, let it be for at least a few days before you contact them once more.

5. Get your phone and CALL OUT!!

Did you get feedback? – That’s great! Now get your phone and try to speak to that person because nothing values more than a real human being showing honest interest in a collaboration. 


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