The Story of Barefoot People...

A strong desire to build a community around our passions

Barefoot Creative was first and foremost the wish to work for what we care: outdoors, riding sports, passionate people and dedicated brands. Tired of traditional agencies, we wanted to create our own, to become a reference for you, and being an adapted solution. But Barefoot doesn’t vibrate only with brands, it’s built on our precious lifestyle that many people around the world are sharing, good vibes, for enthusiastic and generous people. 


“I really wanted to work for myself but still being able to help people, and keep this freedom of moving easily. So being a designer, working with friends, and having our own agency was probably the best path to follow. I try to move 2/3 time per year around the world, so I’m not often home. My fav trip was probably Australia, quite cliché but very positive turning point of my life. I wouldn’t exchange it for anything in the world at the moment. Moving helps me growing and producing high quality content, I think it’s very nice to meet new people, see new places, it gives a lot of inspiration” 


“I’ve always dreamed of something bigger than just being a tiny part of a huge organisation following orders. I think it is very important to know your personal strength and how to use it in order to create unique value for people. Barefoot Creative allows me to do exactly this, any given day, from any given place. I choose to be where I want to be. I work with clients from all over the world, in many different languages, and diverse cultural environments. I can use my full capabilities and create a meaningful impact with online marketing while being free, travel, and discover the hidden places in the world. With the words of Kool & The Gang: “Get down on it, if you really want it!”

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Barefoot Creative was built in 2018 by our young & ambitious graphic designer, Robin. Starting as a freelance business, the agency has grown steadily in professionalism and expertise. Today, our portfolio starts from finest content production and goes beyond managing full marketing campaigns.