How does facebook Re-targeting campaigns work?

…for small businesses

By Kevin Kottek

Facebook Re-Targeting is one of the most efficient ways to get back in touch with your website visitors, former product buyers, or buyer intenders. 

How? Well, first of all, you have to install the Facebook Pixel on your website. The Pixel is a piece of code that needs to be attached to every single webpage so that Facebook can follow and track the user’s behavior on your entire website. The data is stored, ordered, and analyzed by Facebook and visually accessible for you in the Facebook Ad Manager dashboard. 

« Imagine somebody walks out of your store, randomly 3 days later you meet him at a party of a friend in common and you offer him 15% discount on his last viewed product »

After you told your web developer to install the Pixel manually or use a plugin that automatically installs the Pixel for him, you can essentially start collecting data that is relevant to your business.

Re-Targeting campaign set-ups vary based on your pre-defined targets. The most basic re-targeting set-up might be an advertising that focuses on people who have visited your web pages at least one time over the past 180 days. But thinking a bit bigger you might want to target exactly those people who viewed a certain product/ video/ or article and are worth it to show a specific product that you are offering. You might also want to send different promotion codes out to potential customers, one for those who bought frequently at your store (above cart value 40 Euro) and one for those you only bought once in your shop (under 20 Euro cart value) in total. You can make the marketing as precisely as you want almost like never before.

At Barefoot Creative, we personally like to design re-targeting campaigns that make people engage more and deeper with your brand. For example, to make them sign up for a newsletter, to let them start following you on social media, or to make them share your content with their friends. Getting your brand more alive in the mind of your customers can over time generate more sales and simplify driving conversion just by scale of reach.

Professional re-targeting adds a positive effect to your advertising strategy and it’s a process that requires time. You can use this time to build audience observations in your campaign settings and therefore discover even more about your clients needs and consumer behavior. In the end, people will certainly value good content and nice ideas over irrelevant product offers. In fact, low-price offers and ever higher discounts on your products may even harm your business over time as seen by other brands before. 

If you want to start with Facebook Ads Re-Targeting Campaigns feel free to get in touch with the team of Barefoot Creative. We don’t charge for good vibes and ideas…


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