Photography & Videography

Photography is the key of digital communication, it makes your brand more human, accessible and personal. Videography is, on the other hand, the most consumed kind of content: Instagram, YouTube, Netflix. Our specialists make sure to create your dream content and bring it to life thanks to high-performance tools such as action shots, drone captions, and unique post-production work.

1. aligning your strategy and your content

Before creating any content, it is essential to sit down and think about the storytelling you are about to bring to life. Having a pre-defined strategy, scripts and guidelines are a must done to produce high quality content.

2. Going out there and shoot

Once your strategy is finally on point, we arrange a shooting calendar with our team of photographers, videographers and technicians. Their goal is to represent visually  the content you had in mind, and if you didn’t have a specific idea, trust our creatives to surprise you. We always create content you feel comfortable with, even if it means producing it again.


Once your content is in the box, it needs to be put all together. We work couple days to select the best rushs, unroll the storytelling, give it a specific rhythm, a special colour grading, work on contrasts and lights, add sound design, etc. your content to the world

Because your content is meant to be shared with everyone, now is finally time to unleash the beast and show to the world what your latest creation is all about. Relayed through your different digital platforms, we make sure no one would miss it. 


Tired of traditional agencies, we wanted to create our own to become a reference for outdoors brands and riding sports. We wanted to offer you the adapted partner: an agency built by passionate people. Barefoot doesn’t vibrate only with brands, it’s built on our precious lifestyle that many people share around the world: good vibes, good work, for enthusiastic and generous people.

Snowboard graphic design
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Barefoot Creative was built in 2018 by our young & ambitious graphic designer, Robin. Starting as a freelance business, the agency has grown steadily in professionalism and expertise. Today, our portfolio starts from finest content production and goes beyond managing full marketing campaigns.