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Analytics & Optimization

Optimize Online Success

At our online marketing agency, we offer a comprehensive range of Analytics & Optimization services to help businesses measure their online success and optimize their marketing efforts. 

Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering 1st class professional tracking and success measuring using the latest tools and technologies. Here’s an overview of the Analytics & Optimization services we offer:

Web Analytics Tools

Adobe Analytics

For enterprise-level businesses, we recommend Adobe Analytics for its advanced tracking features, real-time analytics, predictive modeling, and customer journey analysis. Our team can help you optimize your account to get the most value out of your data.

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of Google Analytics and provides website insights, tracks user behavior, and offers marketing effectiveness. With our help, you can set up custom reports and dashboards to get actionable insights.


Matomo is an open-source analytics platform that provides high data privacy and security, tracks website traffic and user behavior, and monitors conversions. With Matomo, you own and control your data. Our team can help you set up and configure your account for maximum effectiveness.

Testimonials from satisfied clients Don't just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients who have benefited from our Analytics & Optimization services:

1. Define your customer target group

Together with Barefoot Creative, you will analyze your customer target groups. What are the demographic patterns, what interests, and what kind of online behavior does your target audience have? No matter if you are looking for Instagram-, Facebook-, LinkedIn-, or GoogleAds. To increase your conversions and success rate, we make sure you know exactly who your targets are.

GoogleAds, FacebookAds, InstagramAds discussion

2. Compare relevant communication channels

As you know which customers you want to target, it is now about finding out where they can be reached best. With comprehensive social media market research, Barefoot Creative uses a professional approach to recommend the optimal communication channel for your project.

3. Design passionated advertising content

This is the heart of our agency as we are born to be creative! With Barefoot Creative, you can be sure to get the best illustrations, graphics, and videos that your advertising campaign needs. We use all tools of Adobe Cloud to design unique content by the market leader of design software.

online ad campaign management

4. Run advertising and measure success

Barefoot Creative will run your ad campaigns entirely on your behalf! You don’t need to worry about spending money without setting it up correctly. 

The best thing about today’s technology is that you can track almost everything! For example, how your target audience is interacting with your advertising content. Within a week, you will already see results, and you can change your spendings for the most successful running advertising channel/ content/ online display. 

With the Facebook Business Manager and Google Analytics, you can track your success whenever you want while ensuring everything works just as you wish.

5. Adjust keywords & manage channel distribution

Of course, we take care of all adjustments and will update your campaign as frequently as possible. Barefoot Creative is professionally trained in using all online advertising tools such as Facebook Business Manager and GoogleAds. We will take care of all the adjustments and tracking alongside the journey.

Facebook Advertising Campaign


Tired of traditional agencies, we wanted to create our own to become a reference for outdoor brands and riding sports. We wanted to offer you the adapted partner: an agency built by passionate people. Barefoot doesn’t vibrate only with brands, it’s built on our precious lifestyle that many people share around the world: good vibes, good work, for enthusiastic and generous people.

Snowboard graphic design

Barefoot Creative was built in 2018 by our young & ambitious graphic designer, Robin. Starting as a freelance business, the agency has grown steadily in professionalism and expertise. Today, our portfolio starts from finest content production and goes beyond managing full marketing campaigns.